Configuring Remote WebCC Clients

Since most of the functionalities of WebCC are web-based, there is very little configuration to do on client machines. A machine that has access to the WebCC server and has a compatible web browser can use all the web-based features of WebCC, can download scene packages.

However, when working on a scene exported from WebCC in Harmony, it is possible to download changes made to the scene directly into the scene via Harmony. Likewise, it is also possible to upload changes that you made to the scene directly to the WebCC server from Harmony.

In order to do this, you must configure Harmony to communicate with the WebCC server. This is as simple as typing in the full address of the server, as you do in your web browser.

NOTEYou will be prompted for your WebCC username and password when attempting to download changes from WebCC or to update a scene to WebCC.