About Configuring Local WebCC Clients

Since WebCC is a web-based platform, the great majority of its functionalities are available to any computer that has access to the WebCC server through the web and has a compatible web browser.

However, while users who access the WebCC server from a remote location must download scenes so that they can work on them locally, users who access the WebCC server from the same local network as the Harmony database server can open scenes directly from WebCC into Harmony, without download them first.

To be able to this, the client machine must have Harmony Server installed and must be configured as a Harmony database client—see About Connecting Client Workstations to a Harmony Database Server.

Additionally, if the client is macOS or GNU/Linux-based, an extra configuration step is required:

  • On macOS: The application that handles opening scenes from WebCC must be manually authorized for launch by an administrator.
  • On GNU/Linux: The registration of the WebCC URLs to open scenes in Harmony is optional during the installation process and must be specifically enabled.