Service Launcher ToonBoom Process Tab

The Toon Boom Process allows a machine to be a batch processing node for your network's vectorizing and render farm. Process runs in the background and checks the database's queue for any vectorizing or rendering job it could perform and, if it find any, performs them in the background.

Parameter Description
Launch button

Click on this button to start the service. The status will change from Closed to Running.

Stop button This button is enabled when the service is running. Click on this button to stop the service.
Launch when Service Launcher starts Check this option to automatically launch the ToonBoom Proces service when the Service Launcher is launched. This bypasses the need to click on the Launch button.


Output detailed information about the tasks performed by the process service to the log, to help debug any issue with the service.


This option is checked by default. It is strongly recommended that you leave this option enabled. It runs the ToonBoom Process service using the scheduler.

Other Parameters

Command line parameters to pass to the service when launching it. The Help tab below contains a list of parameters supported by the service. Once you have made changes to the list of parameters, you can click on Update Parameters to relaunch the service with the new parametes.

Help tab This tab lists all the available options for the ToonBoom Process (tbprocess).You can type these parameters in the Other Parameters field to customize the behaviour of the service.
Log tab

This tab records the activity of the service while it runs. It only lists up to the maximum number of lines specified in the Preferences tab.

  • Clear Window button: clears the existing log data from the window.
  • View Complete Log button: launches the Dialog window which displays a complete version of the logo information.