Manually Configuring a Windows Client to Connect to a Harmony Database

On Windows, the Configuration Wizard uses the server.ini file located on the Harmony server to automatically configure clients to connect to each network share used by the database. You can also make this configuration manually. This can be useful if you simply need to add a new scene data storage space to a client, if you made changes to your server configuration or if you need to use different username and password combinations for different network share used by your database, as the Configuration Wizard will use the same credentials for all of them.

Configuring a Windows client is done in two steps:

  • Adding the path, username and password to connect to each share used by the Harmony database in the Connections tab of the Harmony Control Panel. Typically, there should be one share named USA_DB, which contains the database file structure, and one share named usadata followed by a zero-based padded number for each scene data server, such as usadata000, usadata001, etc.
  • Creating a shortcut that points to each of these shares at the root of the main storage drive of your machine.

On Windows, the path to a network share is written as follows:


This is how the path to each database share must be written in both the Harmony Control Panel and the shortcut files.