Creating a Scene Data Storage Space on Windows

You can create additional storage spaces for your Harmony database on different Windows machines. The database server will connect to these machines to transmit scene data to the clients, allowing you to expand the storage capacity of your database.

The first step is to create a shared folder on the Windows machine that will host the new storage space. Then, you must configure your database server with the information about this new storage space so that, when using Configuration Wizard to set up new Harmony Server clients, this new share will be added to the client configuration. Lastly, if you want the database server itself to have access to the new storage space, you must add a shortcut to that storage space's network path on the database server.

If you intend to configure your database server and the scene data storage spaces to require credentials to be accessed, you should configure all the shares to be accessible with the same user names and password, as Harmony clients will only use one set of credentials to connect to the database and the different scene data storage spaces. For example, in an open network environment, it is typical to give access to all the Harmony-related network shares to the user usabatch.