Running the Database Server on Log-In on GNU/Linux

The traditional way of running the Harmony database server is by installing it as a daemon. This makes the database server launch immediately on boot, as user usabatch.

Using Service Launcher, it is possible to configure your database server to only launch its database server service as the logged-in user. This means the database will only be accessible if the user configured to run it is signed in. Although this may seem impractical, it may be preferable for security reasons, mainly that the logged-in user does not need to have administrator privileges to run services through Service Launcher.

If you have enabled the database server daemon, you will need to disable and stop it before you can configure it to launch with Service Launcher, to avoid launching two instances of the database server.

NOTEWhile daemons run regardless of who is logged in and even when no user is logged-in, Service Launcher will only run when the user for which it was specifically configured is logged in. This means that if you want Service Launcher to launch when any user is logged in, you must configure it for each user that has access to the machine.