Exporting Rigs and Assets from Adobe Flash / Animate

Once you have installed the Export to Harmony extension for Adobe Flash / Animate, you might notice that there is an Export to Harmony option in the Commands menu. Before using it, it is very important to check the following:

  • Changes to your Flash / Animate project must be saved.

    This is extremely important. When you use the Export to Harmony command, all the work that isn’t saved will be discarded. This is because the extension needs to make irreversible changes to your project to deconstruct your rig into exportable parts, so it reloads the saved version of your project once it’s done exporting.

    TIPIf you want anything in your Flash / Animate to be excluded from the export, you can delete it right before exporting, without saving. The deleted content will be restored after exporting to Harmony.
  • The Export to Harmony window must be present in your workspace.

    Adding this window to your workspace initializes the export settings, which the Export to Harmony command needs. If the Export to Harmony window is not present, the export is likely to fail.

    Depending on your version of Flash / Animate, this window can be added from the Windows menu, either in the Extensions or the Other Panels sub-menu.

  • You must currently be at the Scene level of your Flash / Animate project.

    The Export to Harmony presumes that the level in which you currently are is the scene level, and attempts to export your assets from that level. Therefore, attempting to export from any level but the scene level will cause errors.