Exporting Game Assets to Easel JS

The Export to Easel JS dialog allows you to export your game character as a sprite sheet, in which each animation frame in your scene is rendered as an individual sprite.

Since the Export to Easel JS dialog renders each frame in your scene, there will not be any visible difference between the way your character is rendered by Harmony and how it is rendered in your game engine.

However, the Export to Easel JS dialog has the following important limitations:

  • Contrary to the Export to Sprite Sheet dialog, the Export to Easel JS only outputs a sprite sheet and an XML document delimiting each sprite in the sheet. Hence, they cannot be imported into Unity using the Harmony Game SDK package. You must program the logic to import those sprite sheets into your game engine yourself.
  • The Export to Easel JS dialog does not export anchors and props.
  • To export to Easel JS, you must separate your animation clips using scene versions. The Export to Easel JS dialog will not export separate animation clips if you have separated them using scene markers.
  • Fully rendered sprite sheets are much heavier in size than rigged sprite sheets, which is what the Export to Sprite Sheet dialog exports.