Guidelines for using the Cutter Effect for Game Assets in Harmony

If you intend to use cutters in a character rig that you plan to import in Unity, you must follow the following guidelines to ensure your character displays as expected in your game.

NOTEYou do not need to follow these guidelines if you intend to export a rendered sprite sheet—see Exporting Rigged Sprite Sheets or Rendered Sprite Sheets.
No Consecutive Cutters

You can only connect a single cutter under any drawing. If you connect several cutters in a chain, only one of them will take effect in Unity.


No Using Composites as Mattes

You can only connect individual drawings to the matte port of a Cutter. You cannot use a composite or effect as the matte of a Cutter.

No Using the Drawing Layer's Matte Port

Although drawing nodes have their own matte port, you should not use them. You must use Cutter effects if you want to mask parts of certain layers.

No Cutting a Deformed Drawing

You cannot connect a cutter under a drawing that is under a deformation.