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Using the Shadow Effect

The Shadow effect converts the drawing layer it is connected to into a dark, blurry matte . It can be used to make a drop shadow out of a drawing's silhouette. You can control the type and amount of blur, as well as the colour of the shadow.

If you want both your character and its shadow to appear in your scene, you must connect your character's drawing to your scene's composite, then the shadow to your scene's composite. If you want your shadow effect to be offset, you can connect use the Apply-Peg-Transformation node to rig the shadow to a Peg or Quadmap effect, which will allow you to manipulate the shadow independently from your character. A peg will allow you to easily skew and scale the shadow, but a Quadmap will allow you to create a more realistic 3D effect for your drop-shadow—see Apply Peg Transformation Nodeand Quadmap Node.