Adding an Animated Matte Generator Node


In order to use the Animated Matte Generator, you must connect it to a vector drawing layer, called the source drawing, which will be used to define the default shape of the matte before it is animated.

A source drawing for an Animated Matte Generator should follow these guidelines:

  • It should be simple. The Animated Matte Generator will create an animatable control point for each vector point in the drawing, so having too many points could make it very difficult to animate.
  • If you want to create a feathered effect, make your drawing a simple shape with a solid colour. If you want to animate a drawing's shapes and contours, make sure the drawing's lines are made with pencil lines and not brush strokes, that the drawing has been flattened and optimized and that all unnecessary vector points have been removed using the Contour Editor or the Smooth Editor tools.

  • It must be a single vector drawing layer. The Animated Matte Generator cannot work with composites, effects, bitmap layers or anything but a vector drawing node.
  • If you have Overlay and Underlay Arts enabled, the Overlay Arts should be used for annotations only. The Animated Matte Generator will ignore the Overlay art layer in the source drawing.