Animating Multiple Points

When animating curve and envelope deformers, the position of each point is independent from one another. In situations where you need to animate several deformation points simultaneously, you can select several deformation points simultaneously. By default, this only allows you to move the selected points laterally. However, you can also rotate or scale a selection of deformation points by using the Show Manipulator option of the Deformation toolbar. This option will display a manipulator bounding box with scale and rotation handles, which works similarly to the one you can use to transform drawing strokes with the Select tool or drawing layers with the Transform tool.

NOTEYou can only use the deformation manipulator with Curve and Envelope deformers. Because the position of bone deformers is hierarchical, which means moving one articulation offsets all its children articulations, it is not possible to animate a selection of multiple bone deformation points.