Linking to an External Palette

You can link to a palette from anywhere on your machine or network from within a palette list. This can be useful if you are working on a Harmony Stand Alone project on a single workstation, and wish to source palettes that will be used in several scenes from the same location.

NOTELinking to an external palette will cause your scene dependent on that palette being located in the same location it was linked from originally. This means that your scene will be missing colors if your palette has been renamed, moved or deleted, or if you try to open the scene on a different machine without first copying the palette in the same location. Hence, this is not a recommended workflow for large scale productions or for Harmony Server scenes.

If you are using Harmony Server, make sure you have the rights to modify the palette list by doing one of the following:

  • From the top menu, open the Edit menu and ensure the Edit Palette List Mode option is checked
  • Right-click on the palette list and select Get Rights to Modify Palette List.
  • From the Colour view menu , select Palettes > Get Rights to Modify Palette List