Copying your Maya Project to the Scene Directory

In order to allow Harmony to render 3D models using Autodesk Maya, you must include the original Maya project file in the element folder where the 3D model was imported, along with all its textures. The project must be renamed to have the same file name as the imported 3D model, so that Harmony can locate it and send it to Autodesk Maya for rendering.

Harmony will take the transformations done on the imported 3D model and its subnodes, and apply them to the model in the original Maya project so that it is rendered with the animation done in Harmony. Hence, the imported 3D model must be in the same size and position as the model in the Maya project. However, it is possible to use a 3D model with lower resolution textures or no textures at all, as well as less detail in the geometry, in the Harmony scene, to help with performance when manipulating the 3D model in Harmony. This will not affect the rendered image, as the original Maya project will be used to render the scene.

TIPIf you prefer, you can skip this step and make your scene render your Maya project from its original location on your machine—see Linking a Maya Batch Render Node to an External Maya Project