Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.3 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony Essentials 15.0.3, build 13585:


Feature Description

The following changes were made to the utransform utility:

  • The -flatten_scale parameter has been added. Using this parameter with a scaling factor will scale up the input drawing by this factor, flatten it, then scale it back down to its original size. This can be used to preserve texture quality when flattening drawings containing textured brush strokes. If the pixels of different strokes are not aligned, scaling them up before flattening them will prevent them from becoming blurry.

    NOTEAs of Harmony 15.0.0, the pixels in textured brush strokes are aligned by default, except when brush strokes are transformed with the selected tool.
  • When flattening a drawing with textures, with either the -flatten or -flatten_scale parameter, utransform will clean up old textures from the drawing file and only keep the flattened texture, significantly reducing the file size of the drawing.

For more information, see utransform Utility.


Feature Description
Get and set scene start frame and stop frame

The getStartFrame(), getStopFrame(), setStartFrame() and setStopFrame() methods have been added to the scene global object—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.



Harmony will now remember whether the Onion Skinning by Drawing option is enabled between sessions.

This option can be enabled by doing one of the following:

  • In the top menu, select View > Onion Skin > Onion Skinning by Drawing.
  • In the top-left corner of the Camera view, open the Camera view menu and select View > Onion Skin > Onion Skinning by Drawing.
Significantly increased the speed of template creation on Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing the frame rate to drop or vary when playing a scene with sound enabled..
  • Fixed crash when attempting to play a scene containing a missing sound file.
  • Fixed issue where, in rare cases, some drawing layers would be invisible when opening scenes created in Harmony 14.0.