Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.2 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony Essentials 15.0.2, build 13407:


Feature Description
Optimize Artwork The optimize function was added to the DrawingTools global object, which can be used to optimize a drawing.
Flatten Artwork The flatten function was added to the DrawingTools global object, which can be used to flatten a drawing.
Check Files The Check Files command located in the Scene top menu can now be executed through scripting using the checkFiles function of the scene global object. The information it reports can be customized by passing options to it in an object.
Image Information

The new CELIO global object allows you to obtain information, such as the dimensions, bit depth, amount of channels and type of an image file.

For Photoshop Document (.psd) files specifically, it is able to obtain the path, name, dimensions, visibility setting and position in the list of each layer in the file.

For more information, see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when searching for an asset in the Library view.

  • Fixed crash when selecting a disabled layer using the Select Parent (B) or Select Child (Shift + B) keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed issues where using the Go to Previous Column (H) or Go to next Column (J) keyboard shortcuts to cycle through layers would often skip layers if some layers are disabled.

  • Fixed issue where attempting to give a scene a name with more than 23 characters with the Save As command would fail even if the Allow Unicode Names preference is enabled, which also allows long scene names.

  • Removed the Drawing Resolution tab from Scene Settings dialog, as this tab pertains to features exclusive to Harmony Advanced and Harmony Premium.