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Function View Menu

The Functions View menu lets you do many things in the Camera view, including selecting and editing objects in different views, changing the display, setting morphing parameters, accessing tools and many more.

Command Description



Removes selected objects. You can then paste the object or its properties to another object.


Copies selected objects and properties.


Places an object you cut or copied into the location you select in a view.


Removes selected objects.

Select Next Keyframe

Selects the next keyframe.

Select Previous Keyframe

Selects the previous keyframe.

Select Left Handle

Selects the left handle of the selected keyframe.

Select Right Handle

Selects the right handle of the selected keyframe.

Select All

Selects all objects in the Function view. This helps you manage multiple objects as one.

Deselect All

Deselects all selected objects in the Function view.


Show Current Frame

Displays the current frame

Toggle Grid

Enables the display of the grid.

Reset Zoom

Resets the view’s zoom to its default position.

Reset Pan

Resets the view’s pan to its default position.

Reset View

Resets the view to its default position.

Function List

Auto Load Selection


Load Selection

Add Selection

Remove Selection


Show Motion:

Show Rotation:

Show Scale:

Show Skew:

Show Other: