Rename Skin Dialog Box

The Rename Skin dialog allows you to rename the skin in a game sprite. Since a skin's name is included in the metadata of every layer it affects in your game sprite, renaming a skin manually would require replacing the old name with the new name in the metadata of each of these layers. The Rename Skin dialog allows you to do this automatically, either on selected layers or on all layers.

TIPBy renaming a skin on only some of the layers it is applied to, the other layers will preserve the old skin's name. This allows you to "split" a skin into two separate skins: one that affects the selected layers and one that affects the other layers.
Parameter Description

Allows you to select which skin to rename.

  • By default, only the skins for the selected layers are listed. Hence, this drop-down is empty is no layer is selected.
  • If the Rename Skin of All Nodes option is checked, all the skins in the scene will be listed.
To The new name to give the selected skin.
Rename Skin of All Nodes

If checked, the selected skin will be renamed in every layer in the scene that can use this skin.

If unchecked, the selected skin will only be renamed in the selected layers. Even if other layers can use this skin, it will preserve its old name in layers that are not in the selection, breaking the skin into two skins: one for the selected layers and one for the other layers.

Confirm and Close Renames the selected skin and closes the dialog.
Add Renames the selected skin, but keeps the dialog open, allowing you to rename other skins.
Cancel Closes the dialog without renaming any skin.