Add New Group Dialog Box

The Add New Group dialog allows you to create a group for your game character which contains all of the currently selected layers.

When making game sprites in Harmony, groups have two purposes:

  • In Harmony, you can assign a group to a keyboard shortcut. Pressing this shortcut will instantly select every layer in this group.
  • In Unity, skins are separated in groups, allowing you to apply a skin to a specific part of the character rather than the whole character.
Parameter Description
New Group Name

The name of the group to create.

Group set on selected nodes

A table listing the groups which the selected layers are already part of.

  • Each column represents one of the selected layers.
  • Each row represents one of the groups the layer belongs to.

If the selected layers are not part of any group, there will be a single empty row.

NOTEA layer can only be part of a single group. Hence, if the table has several rows, it means your selection includes layers from several different groups. If you put them in a new group, they will be put in the same group and will no longer be in separate groups.
Add and Close Creates a group with the selected name, puts every selected layer in that group and closes the dialog.
Add Creates a group with the selected name and puts every selected layer in that group. The new group will be added at the bottom of the Group set on selected nodes table.
Cancel Closes the dialog.