About Importing Flash / Animate (.swf) Movies

It is possible to import vector artwork exported in Adobe Flash / Animate (.swf) format.

Many features supported by Adobe Flash / Animate are supported by Harmony. However, not all features that are common to both software are supported for importing into Harmony. The following is a list of limitations and guidelines to importing Adobe Flash / Animate files in Harmony:


  • The files must be in SWF format. Harmony does not support importing FLA files.

Pencil Lines

  • The width of pencil lines, whether fixed or variable, will be preserved.
  • All pencil line tips (a.k.a. “caps”) and joins will be imported as Round.

Gradients & Textures

  • The Flow of gradient fills must be set to Extend Color, which is the default flow for gradients. If a symbol contains a gradient with a Reflect or Repeat flow, it will be not be imported.
  • Bitmap textures are supported in JPEG or PNG format only.


  • Text created with the Text Tool will not be imported.

Symbol Effects

The following effects will be ignored by Harmony:

  • Colour Effects (Alpha, Advanced, Brightness and Tint)
  • Blend (Layer, Darken, Multiply, etc.)
  • Filters (Adjust Colour, Drop Shadow, Bevel, etc.)
  • 3D Positions and 3D Rotations
  • Component properties
  • Render (Export as Bitmap and Cache as Bitmap)

Bitmap Images

  • Bitmap images are supported in JPEG or PNG format only.
  • Symbols that have their Render property set to Export as Bitmap or Cache as Bitmap will be imported as vector artwork.