Converting Exported Game Assets from XML to Binary

Programmers may be interested to note that the XML data exported by Harmony can be converted afterwards to a more optimized binary data structure. To convert XML to Binary format, use the Xml2Bin utility. This utility converts the XML data structure generated through the Toon Boom Harmony software to a compressed binary data structure. This utility is available in the gaming SDK in the following directory:


This directory contains the following:

  • macosx: Precompiled binary for macOS.
  • win32: Precompiled binary for Windows.
  • Xml2Bin: Xml2Bin sources.
  • Xml2Bin/proj.mac/Xml2Bin.xcodeproj: XCode project formacOS.
  • Xml2Bin/proj.win32/Xml2Bin.sln: Visual Studio project for Windows.

The C++ code that handles the data structure can be reused and parsed in your own code if you want to integrate with other game engines.