Add New Skin Dialog Box

The Add New Skin dialog allows you to create a new skin for your game sprite.

  • The Add New Skin dialog creates a skin in the selected layers only. Hence, before creating a skin, you must select all the layers on which you want the skin to have an effect. For example, if your skin changes your character's head gear and armor, you should select the layers in which your head gear and armor drawings are stored.
  • Creating a new skin does not load the skin. You must load it manually before you can start editing it.
  • The new skin will not have any drawings set for it, so loading this skin will not change the appearance of the character until you actually change the drawings in the layers the skin affects, then save the skin.
Parameter Description
New Skin Name The name of the skin to create.
Skins set on the selected nodes

A table listing the skins that are already currently available to apply on the selected layers.

  • Each column represents one of the selected layers.
  • Each row represents one of the skins that can be applied to each layer.
Add and Close Creates a skin with the selected name on all of the selected layers, then closes the dialog.
Add Creates a skin with the selected name on all of the selected layers. The new skin will be added at the bottom of the Skins set on the selected nodes table.
Cancel Closes the dialog and does not add any skin.