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About WebCC Server Installation

One of the first things you must know before configuring a WebCC server is that a WebCC server in itself is not a database server, but rather, an addition to a database server. Hence, if you have not already done so, you should follow the steps to create a Harmony database server—see About Database Server Installation.

Once your Harmony database server is configured, configuring a WebCC server is relatively straightforward. The file structure for the WebCC server is already included in the Harmony installation directory and is ready to use. As soon as you launch the WebCC service on a machine that has access to the database and allow connections to it to go through the firewall, it is already possible to connect to WebCC using a web browser on any machine on the site.

  • Although any machine that has access to the Harmony database can be used as a WebCC server, it is strongly recommended to setup the WebCC server on the machine that also serves as the Harmony database server for optimal performance.
  • The following instructions will explain how to set up a WebCC server which will be accessible on-site, but will not explain how to make the server accessible off-site.
  • If you intend to make WebCC accessible off-site, it is highly recommended to configure it to use SSL. Details on how to configure WebCC to use SSL are in the Configuring WebCC section of the installation guide for your platform.