About Configuring WebCC Clients

Since WebCC is a web-based platform, the great majority of its functionalities are available to any computer that has access to the WebCC server through the web and has a compatible web browser. However, some extra steps may be required for a specific feature of WebCC, which is opening scenes directly from WebCC into Harmony.

  • On Windows: No extra configuration is needed. The Harmony installation wizard takes care of configuring this feature.
  • On macOS: The application that handles opening scenes from WebCC must be manually authorized for launch by an administrator.
  • On GNU/Linux: The registration of the WebCC URLs to open scenes in Harmony is optional during the installation process and must be specifically enabled.
IMPORTANT: This feature is only available if your machine is configured to be a client of the Harmony database. In other words, it will only work if you're already able to open scenes from the database directly using Harmony or Control Center. If you are using WebCC from outside of the site where the Harmony database server is located and you only have access to the Harmony database through WebCC, you can skip this procedure altogether, as you are only able to open scenes by exporting them into scene packages and not by opening them directly from WebCC.