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ColorRGBA Class Reference

#include <colorinterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ColorRGBA ()
 Create a new default ColorRGBA (ie. opaque white). More...
 ColorRGBA (double r, double g, double b, double a)
 Create a new ColorRGBA. More...


int r
 red value [ 0, 255 ] More...
int g
 green value [ 0, 255 ] More...
int b
 blue value [ 0, 255 ] More...
int a
 alpha value [ 0, 255 ] More...

Detailed Description

The ColorRGBA class defines a four-dimensional container for colors. ColorRGBA objects can be instantiated in the scripting environment.

You can use it in both Script Editor and scriptModule.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ColorRGBA::ColorRGBA ( )

Create a new default ColorRGBA (ie. opaque white).

ColorRGBA::ColorRGBA ( double  r,
double  g,
double  b,
double  a 

Create a new ColorRGBA.

rRed value
gGreen value
bBlue value
aAlpha value

Property Documentation

int ColorRGBA::a

alpha value [ 0, 255 ]

int ColorRGBA::b

blue value [ 0, 255 ]

int ColorRGBA::g

green value [ 0, 255 ]

int ColorRGBA::r

red value [ 0, 255 ]

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