3D Graph View

When a 3D model is selected, the 3D Graph view allows you to view a list of the subnodes composing the 3D model, arranged in their hierarchy. You can select a subnode from the list. When a subnode is selected, you can manipulate it with the Transform tool, disable or enable it.

If your 3D model is connected to a Subnode Animation node, you can also animate the selected subnode, add its properties to the Subnode Animation's properties in the Timeline, or connect it a 3D Kinematic Output node to it so that its animation can be applied to another element.

Section Description
3D Graph menu Access commands through this menu—see 3D Graph View Menu.
3D Graph toolbar See 3D Graph View Toolbar.
3D model subnode display area Displays the parts (subnodes) of the selected 3D model. Selecting the Subnode Animation node of a 3D model will also display the 3D model's subnodes.
Selected subnode hierarchy path Displays the subnode's parent hierarchy chain within the 3D model.
Search bar Use this field to search for a specific subnode within the 3D model.