Auto Fold Node

The AutoFold node lets you automatically fix the folding area of a deformer, so no line overlap occurs. If your drawing pieces are separated on different layers, you will not need the AutoFold node. The AutoFold node is similar to the Fold node, but since it's automated, it is optimized to fit the most standard folding point with fewer controls to set up. You can also avoid this issue by separating your drawing onto two layers or separating your drawing in two pieces using the Cutter tool and repasting it in place in the same drawing.

Connect the AutoFold node directly under the Deformation node which is causing the unwanted line effect, for example the forearm.


Parameter Description

Enables or disables the selected node in the Camera, Timeline, and Node views.

Colour Swatch

Changes the node and layer colour.

Name Name this field to rename the node.
Enable AutoFold

Type 1 to enable it or 0 to disable the effect.

If you connect this option to a function, then you can enable or disable the effect at a specific point in your animation.


Sets the length of the fold axis line.