How to Set Up Objects in 3D Space

In Harmony Premium, you can not only move layers on Z-axis, you can also enable full 3D manipulations on drawing layers, allowing you to rotate them on the X and Y axes. With this, you can simulate a 3D space by laying out 2D layers at different depths and angles in your scene's 3D space. This can be used toadd realism to scenes with complex camera movements without requiring you to make an actual 3D model of your scene's environment.

In the following example, you will learn how to lay out layers making the different surfaces of a room to build an actual 3D room. Before you begin, create a layer for each surface in a simple rectangular room, and draw large colour-filled rectangles to make the surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling. Feel free to add details such as tiles, textures or windows if you desire, and make sure to name each layer according to the part of the room they represent.