Pencil Tool Properties

When you select the Pencil tool, its properties and options appears in the Tool Properties view.

NOTE: To learn how to use the Pencil tool, see About the Pencil Tool.

Icon Tool Name Description
  Maximum Size

Defines the maximum size of your drawing tool. This parameter defines the width of the stroke.


Defines the number of control points added to the centre line. The fewer the control points the smoother (but less faithful) the line.


Harmony provides a variety of pencil presets and also lets you create and save your own. It is a good idea to create and save pencils with precise sizes and parameters when you draw and design for efficiency and consistency.

You can export the pencil presets that you have created and import those that others have created. This is a good way for you and project collaborators to keep a consistent look for the project.

New Pen Template New Brush

Allows to create a new preset.

New Pen Template Delete Brush

Allows you to delete your custom presets.

  Rename Brush

Allows you to rename a custom preset.

  Import Brushes

Allows you to import a set of XML Harmony presets previously exported via the Export Brushes command.

  Export Brushes

Allows you to export Harmony presets to backup or import on a different computer.

  Small Thumbnail, Large Thumbnail, and Stroke View

Allows you to display the presets as small square thumbnails, large square thumbnails or a list of stroke preview.

Draw Behind

When drawing on vector layers, the Draw Behind mode lets you paint behind existing art. By default, strokes appear over your work until you release the tool.

Auto-Flatten Mode

When enabled, the Auto-Flatten mode automatically flattens the new lines created with the existing artwork as you draw in the Drawing or Camera view. Brush strokes will flatten with brush strokes and pencil lines will flatten with pencil lines.


Using the Select tool, you can use select and remove a segment of flattened pencil lines. Overlapping pencil lines drawn with the Auto-Flatten mode are essentially cut into segments by the overlap and can be treated as individual lines.