Edit Menu

The Edit menu lets you repeat and undo actions, cut/copy/paste selected objects, select and manipulate objects, work with symbols, and access the Preferences dialog box.

Command Description


Removes the last change made to your project. Harmony supports multiple undo, so you can undo changes you made in the order you made them.


Redoes an operation you have undone. This command is active only after you use the Undo command.


Removes selected objects. You can then paste the object or its properties to another object.


Copies selected objects and properties.


Places an object you cut or copied into the location you select in a view.

Paste Special

Opens the Paste Special dialog box which lets you determine how templates and symbols are imported in the Timeline view.

There are advanced paste options for drawings, timings, keyframes, layers, as well as palettes and symbols.

Paste Special Again

Pastes new drawings with the previous Paste Special settings.


Removes selected objects.

Select All

Selects all drawing objects in the current drawing window in the Drawing, Timeline and Camera views. This helps you manage multiple objects as one when moving them.

Deselect All

Deselects all selected objects in the Drawing and Camera views.

Invert Selection

Deselects the currently selected items and selects all other items that were not selected. For example, if some lines are selected in a drawing, this command will deselect them and select any other lines in the drawing that were not selected.

Create Symbol

Creates a symbol from selected drawing elements in the Drawing or Camera view or a layer or cells in the Timeline view.

Expand Symbol

Extracts a symbol's contents and places it on the root timeline. Its contents will be copied and inserted into the root timeline. The symbol will not be removed from the Timeline view once it is expanded.

The symbol's layers will be parented to it in case you created motions and transformations on the drawing layer that contain the symbol. Breaking the hierarchy could result in the loss of any scaling and animation you may have created.

Duplicate Selected Symbol

Creates a duplicate of a selected symbol. If other symbols are nested inside the new symbol, they are not duplicated. If you modify them, the original and other instances will also be modified.

Clone: Drawings Only

Creates a copy of the drawings in the selected layer in the Timeline view or column in the Xsheet view. The timing it not copied.

Clone: Drawings and Timing

Creates a copy of the drawings and their timings in the selected layer in the Timeline view or column in the Xsheet view.


Duplicates a layer to have a copy of the drawings that are independent from the original ones, as well as an independent timing (exposure). When you need the drawings to be modified independently, you will want to duplicate the layer instead of cloning it.


Combines all drawings. Unused columns and layers will be deleted, but the original drawing files are still accessible.



Groups selected drawing objects in the Camera or Drawing view.


Ungroups a selected group of drawing objects in the Camera or Drawing view.


Opens the Preferences dialog box where you can set your preferences for Harmony.