About Bitmap Images


Images can come in many different file formats and are usually saved in a format that retains the original specifications set by the image creator. Some formats can preserve the transparency or transparent layers, while others are not resolution dependent due to their vector nature. Toon Boom Harmony supports the following bitmap image formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG (16 bits per channel RGB and RGBA), TGA, PSD (16 bits per channel), TIFF, SGI, TVG, OMF, PAL, SCAN.

When importing a bitmap image, you must decide how Harmony must process it. You can choose between the following options:

  • Import as Bitmap : This imports the image exactly as is and ensures that it can not be modified when working on the scene. This is useful for using backgrounds that were created in different software in your project.
  • Vectorize : Converts a bitmap into Toon Boom vector art, which can easily be painted and edited using Harmony's vector drawing tools. This can be useful for importing line art scanned or created using a different software.

When importing images, the settings used to import are saved in your user settings.