About Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is a powerful production tool that provides artists and studios with the award-winning technology used in blockbuster films, TV series, webisodes, advertising, games and many other productions.

The technology in Harmony gives artists the freedom to create any style of animation—from processing paper drawings by scanning and painting them (ink & paint) to paperless animation, where the drawings are digitally created frame-by-frame, all the way to cut-out animation, where the artist creates rigs that are animated by moving, rotating, stretching, squashing and deforming each drawing piece, or even a combination of any or all of the styles.

Harmony also works with other software by importing and exporting a wide variety of industry standard file formats. Harmony can also integrate easily with other pipelines. Harmony is a 64-bit application that takes advantage of the memory and multi-core processors of modern workstations.

Harmony works with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for all pre-production phases. Therefore, animatics created in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro can be imported seamlessly in Harmony for animation and scene setup guidance.

Harmony Stand Alone is composed of the following modules:

These modules are all accessible from:

  • Windows: Start > Programs > Harmony 14 Essentials
  • Mac OS X: Applications > Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Essentials


Harmony Premium, Harmony Advanced, and Harmony Essentials are the core of Harmony. It comprises all the major drawing, animation and compositing features. It is used to work in the scene: design, character breakdown, cut-out animation, traditional animation, ink and paint, exposure sheet, timeline, effects, compositing, camera moves, colour styling, and so on.

Harmony Stage Module

The render resolution for the various editions of Harmony are:

  • Harmony Essentials: 2K (2048x1556)
  • Harmony Advanced: 4K (4096x3112)
  • Harmony Premium: Unlimited
NOTE: To create scenes with Harmony Stand Alone, you must use Harmony Premium, Harmony Advanced or Harmony Essentials. You cannot create scenes in Stage with Harmony Server; you require the Control Center module.

To learn more about Harmony Premium, Harmony Advanced and Harmony Essentials, refer to the following guides:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • User Guide
  • Reference Guide
  • Preferences Guide
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Guide
  • Scripting Guide
  • Utilities Guide


The Play module is used to play back the rendered image sequences enabling the user to view the final scenes and compositing results.

Harmony Play Module

To learn more about the Play module, refer to the following guides:

  • Play Guide