About Clone Layers

A cloned layer is linked to the original element directory. If a drawing is modified in the original or cloned layer, both will be updated. However, cloned layers can have different timings.

When cloning layers, you have the ability to clone the drawings and the corresponding columns (timing) or only the drawings. If you choose to clone the drawings and timing, your node will be linked to the same element folder, as well as the same drawing and function columns. Therefore, if you change the drawing exposure or keyframe on one layer, all cloned layers will be updated.

You may want to create a large group of characters reusing the same animation, but want to slightly offset the timing so they're not dancing or walking quite on the same beat. For example, if you create a walk-cycle for a soldier and want to use it for an entire army, you may want to have 50 layers with 50 different drawing exposures to produce a slight difference in the timing. If you copy your layers and drawings 50 times over, it will create a heavier scene. It is better to clone the 50 layers with only their drawings without linking to the same timing (function and exposure columns).