Importing Sound


If you wish to add sound to your animation, you should first edit and mix your sound files in a sound editing software. It is recommended to mix down your sound into full length sound tracks so that you can work with the exact same sound track in the different applications used for your production.

Sound can be clipped in Harmony if needed. Importing a soundtrack longer than your scene will not extend your scene's length. Sound playback will stop at the end of your scene's length.

If you create your project in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, you can export all of your project's scenes as separate Harmony scenes. The storyboard's sound track will be cut up by scene and each piece will be inserted into the exported scenes, allowing you to save time on splitting and importing your sound track.

Harmony can import .wav, .aiff and .mp3 audio files. It is recommended to work with .wav and .aiff files if possible.