User Types and Restrictions in Web Control Center

Here are the different user types available and their restrictions/permissions:

Feature Control Center Web
Control Center
Coordinator, Supervisor, TD,
Animator Xsheet, Archive Scan Ink & Paint
Create Environment        
Change Asset Lock on Environment        
Delete Environment        
View Vectorize Queue  
View Render Queue  
Create Job      
Change Job Priority
Change Job Status        
Delete Job        
Create Scene  
Delete Scene        
Unlock scenes locked by another user        
Unlock scene version locked by another user        
Unlock scenes locked by me    
Unlock scene version locked by me    
Move Scene          
Rename Scene        
Clear Scene        
Change Scene Priority
Change Scene Status        
Reorder Scenes        
Copy Scenes      
Send to Vectorize
Send to Unvectorize
Send to Rendering
Add/Modify/Delete Users        
Change Approval Policy        
Change Vectorize Style  
Change Asset Lock          
Database Lock Manager          
Export Scenes    
Import Scenes    
View Error Log
View Elements  
View Drawings  
Open in Harmony    
Open in Paint    
Open in Scan