Downloading and Uploading Scenes in Web Control Center

Web Control Center allows you to download (export offline) scenes from a studio's Harmony database and work on them locally from a remote location. When downloading the scene, you have the option to check it out so it's locked; this prevents other users from modifying your scene while you are working on it. When you are finished working on your scene, you can upload (import) it, merging it back into the Harmony database.

When downloading a scene, the data is first placed in the user's exchange folder where it can then be downloaded on the user's remote computer. The exchange folder is located in the USA_DB directory of the Harmony database. This folder contains individual folders for each user; this is where uploaded and downloaded scenes are stored.

You can download scenes individually or in bulk.

NOTE: When working on local scenes, do not change the folder names or structures as it will cause problems when reimporting scenes.

When you no longer need the stored packages in the exchange folder, delete them to keep your storage space organized.

You can view all operations and error messages related to these processes in the Log view.

If you want to upload environments, jobs and scenes for archiving, you must use the Control Center. Web Control Center only allows you to upload and download scenes for exchange between studios and freelancers.

NOTE: Scenes cannot be uploaded or downloaded using a tablet.