Remapping Palettes, Textures and Linked Images in Control Center

When working in a studio, shared palettes, images and textures used in colour-overrides are saved to specific locations, at the environment or job level, on the Harmony server. When you export your scene to work offline at another location, such as from home, you will find that when you open the scene from the new location, Harmony will be unable to find these files.

To avoid this problem, you can create presets that will point to where these shared files are located when you are working offline from a different location, as well as presets to point back to the Harmony server when you get back to the studio.

You will still need the studio to give you a package with the shared palettes, textures and images.

Once you have created remapping presets, the Choose the Remapping Group dialog box will open every time you open a scene.

NOTE: When exporting your scene, do NOT check the options to have shared palettes exported from the environment and job levels.