Changing Job Stages in Control Center

As you continue working on your animation project, you may want to update the status of the jobs in your environment. This status can display one of three things:

  • The stage the job has reached
  • When the job will be vectorized
  • When the job will be rendered

As you complete your animation project, you can update a job's status to reflect where it is in the overall production process. You can classify jobs as being "In Production" or "Completed".

  • In Production: The job is still a work in progress. The other nodes can still access this job.
  • Completed: The job is finished. The Harmony database still has all the job's components (scenes, elements, drawings), but the job neither appears nor is accessible from the Harmony applications.

In most cases, you would mark a job as "Completed" after it has been finalized (inked, painted, rendered) and transferred to a medium, such as Blu-ray, or sent to post-production.

You can change a job's status from "Completed" to "In Production" at any time to continue working on it.

Changing the job's stage from In Production to Completed only hides the job in the Control Center window; all the associated files with the job are still on your system.