Naming Drawing Layers

It is highly recommended that you incorporate a naming convention for the layers. This will be very convenient in later steps.

One common practice is to add one or two letters for the character/prop name, so that we don't make it too long. You can then add the name of the part that you've separated. It is recommended to add an indicator of the position of your character's symetrical pieces to keep track of which part you are selecting. Common practice is to add either "F" or "B" (for front and back view) or "R" or "L" (for right or left). Avoid using spaces in between the words and opt for an underscore instead.

  • Character Orcus's right arm =
  • OR_arm_F
  • or
  • OR_arm_R.

Pink: Front or Right

Blue: Back or Left

In the event that you've forgotten to add a prefix or suffix to your character's drawing layers, you can add them after your layers have been created.