Breaking Down Other Views

If your character model has more than one view, now is the time to break them down.

The process is very similar to breaking down the first view. You have two choices:

  • Breaking down the new view in a new set of layers
  • Breaking down the new views in the same existing layers
    If your layers are not in the correct order, you can reorder them later. Simply add the part that you are breaking down to the layer you previously created for the same body part.

Start by breaking down the main pieces, as you did before. The secondary parts will be broken down later on.

Repeat the following steps for each extra view you need to break down.

Breaking Down Secondary Parts in the Extra Views

To break down the secondary parts for your extra views, follow the exact same process as you did for the first view you broke down, but you will incorporate the new parts in the existing layers—see Breaking Down Other Views.

Each view can have its own set of layers in the Timeline view, therefore each view does not necessarily need to have the same layer structure.

Here is an example of how your timeline should look at this stage: