About Pose Copier

The pose copier is a scrip that can be added to your Scripting toolbar. The goal of the Pose Copier is to facilitate the reuse of poses from a master template by taking information from it and pasting it at the desired frame. It does not create new information outside of what is contained in the template.

In order for the Pose Copier to work, templates need to be set up properly to maximize the compatibility of the script. It is recommended to keep only the frames that will be needed. Empty or unused frames may appear within the sliders.

For a simple use of the script, create a template of the part that you wish to use with the pose copier. It could be the entire character, the head, the lip sync or any other part. It is recommended to template groups as opposed to scattered individual nodes. To maximize compatibility, keep the hierarchy of your template identical to the hierarchy of your rig.

You can also create an advanced setup to select specific frames using guide layers—see About Guide Layers.

NOTE: To learn more about the Pose Copier dialog box, see Pose Copier Dialog Box