About Permanent Pivots


This is a permanent pivot, sometime referred to as peg pivot, that is applied to the entire drawing or peg layer. If you modify its position, it will be changed for the entire layer, modifying the animation, scale and rotation interpolation. The permanent pivot is set using the Rotate, Translate or Scale tool. The Transform tool will only move that pivot temporarily for positioning purposes, but the animation interpolation will be done from the original permanent pivot's position. The Transform tool is designed to move the pivot temporarily during the animation process. It also permits you to select multiple pegs and apply a common temporary pivot.

To permanently move a peg pivot, use the Rotate or Scale tool. You can also directly type the values in the Layer Properties window in the Pivot section's (x) Axis and (y) Axis fields.

In the Layer Properties window, in the Drawing Pivot section, select the Don't Use Embedded Pivot option to use the permanent pivot.

For a simple character rig, it is recommended to set the Peg pivot (even on drawing layers) using the Rotate tool.