About Drawing Pivots


The Drawing pivot is contained within each drawing. In one layer, each drawing can have its own pivot. If you have many different views of a character within one layer, the pivot positions can be different and the animation will adjust to the pivot. The Drawing pivot can also be referred to as embedded pivot. If you are not mixing different views within the same layers or are using pegs to animate your layers, it is recommended to use the permanent pivot.

You can set a different pivot for each one of your drawings. For example, if you have a series of drawings from different views, they are not likely to rotate from the same location. In that case, you can set a different pivot for these drawings by using the Drawing Pivot tool—see Drawing Pivot Tool Properties.

In the Layer Properties window, in the Drawing Pivot section, select the Apply Embedded Pivot on Drawing Layer option to use the drawing pivot directly on the drawing layer. If you want to apply the drawing pivot to a parent peg to force the peg to follow the drawing pivot variations, enable the Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg option.