Script Editor View

Qt Script provides access to many of the functions supported in the interface. With Qt Script, you can automate a number of Harmony functions to speed the completion of various repetitive tasks. The Script Editor view allows you to edit existing scripts and create new ones. Refer to the Scripting guide to learn more about scripting with Harmony.

Script Editor View

Parameter Description

Script list

On the left side of the Script Editor view, all existing script files are listed and can be modified in this view. The script format is JavaScript. Click on a file to display its content in the Script Content window of the view.

Script content

On the right side of the Script Editor view, the contents of the selected script are displayed and can be edited.

Search toolbar

The Search toolbar allows you to search a string within the selected script content. You can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the results.


This function verifies the syntax of the currently displayed script and lists any errors found.


Once you are satisfied with the modifications made to the script, click Save Changes to save the modifications.