Drawing View

In Harmony, you can draw in the Drawing or Camera view. Although the two views are similar, when it comes to drawing, there are some differences.

Only the selected drawing is displayed by default in the Drawing view. You can use features, such as the light table to display the current drawing of all the enabled layers of your scene in washed-out colours, or the Onion Skin to display the previous and next drawings of the currently selected drawing layer.

Drawing View


Icon Section Description

View Menu

The View menu contains all the tools and options that you can use in the Drawing view to draw, animate and paint.


Drawing Area

This is the main space in the Drawing view. It is where you draw and where the drawings are displayed.


Zoom Menu

The Zoom menu lets you enlarge or reduce the Camera or Drawing view display.

To make the camera frame size always match the size of your view, select the Fit to View option. Click the drop-down arrow and select a zoom level or press 1 and 2.

Zoom Drop-down Menu

  Drawing Name

The Drawing Name field displays the name of the selected drawing, as well as the layer containing it. If the cell does not contain any drawing, an Empty Cell text is shown in the field.

  Tool Name

The Tool Name field displays the name of the selected tool. If you temporarily override a drawing tool using a keyboard shortcut, the tool’s name will be highlighted in red. You can temporarily override a tool by holding its keyboard shortcut without the Alt key. For example, the Select tool shortcut is Alt + S. If you hold down the S key, you will switch to the Select tool. When you release the key, you will return to the tool you were using.

  Frame Number

This field displays the current frame of the animation you are working on.

  Cursor Coordinates

This indicates the position of the your pointer in the drawing area.

  Colour Picker

The Colour Picker allows you to select a colour for drawing.