Easy Flipping Toolbar

The Easy Flipping toolbar lets you rapidly flip through drawings in the Drawing view as is done with paper drawings. In order for the features in this toolbar to work, you must be in the Drawing view.

Easy Flipping toolbar

For tasks related to this toolbar, see Flipping Animation.

Icon Tool Name Description

Previous Drawing

Displays the previous drawing of your animation.

Next Drawing

Displays the next drawing of your animation.



Lets you flip forwards or backwards through your drawings by moving the slider.


Displays drawings in the first frame after you reach the last frame of your animation.

Easy Flip Automatically flips through the drawings based on the FPS.


Sets the number of drawings to be flipped through before the starting drawing. The starting drawing is determined by the position of the red playhead in the Timeline view.
  FPS Sets the speed of playback in the units of frames per second.