Art Layer Toolbar

The Art Layer toolbar lets you access the art layers. By default, only the Line Art and Colour Art are displayed. A drawing is composed of two layers, a line layer and a colour layer. The colour layer is always placed under the line layer. These layers are accessible in the Drawing or Camera view (using drawing tools). When you view the final drawing, you will see the final composition of the lines and colours, not two separate layers.

Art Layer Toolbar

You can draw and paint in all layers. If you prefer to work in a single layer, everything can be done in the Line Art layer.

You can change your preferences to enable the advanced use of layers and have access to four layers instead of two:

  • Overlay
  • Line Art
  • Colour Art
  • Underlay


Icon Tool Name Description

Preview Line Art and Colour Art

Displays all Art layers.

Overlay Art

Makes the Overlay Art layer current.

Line Art

Makes the Line Art layer current.

Colour Art

Makes the Colour Art layer current.

Underlay Art Makes the Underlay Art layer current.