Palette Operations Dialog Box

When you start Toon Boom Harmony connected to the database, you can access the Palette Operations dialog box which lets you clone, rename, or delete palettes.

In Harmony, palettes are individual *.plt files that can be copied, transferred and stored. When a palette is created from Harmony, it needs to be stored somewhere. By default, the palette file is stored in the scene directory in a palette-library folder unless you specify a different location.

There are four locations where you can find palette-library folders: Element, Scene, Job and Environment.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see About Palettes and Palette Operations.

Parameter Description


The production, project, feature film or series—see Environment Structure.


The episode and sequence from each environment.


The scenes from each job.


The layers and columns in each scene.


The scene palettes.


Notes, if any, of the project.


Opens the Palette Browser dialog box from which you can select the level in which to store the palette file—see Palette Operations Dialog Box.


Lets you rename a palette.


Lets you delete a palette.

NOTE: It is not recommended to disable the warning message that appears when you are attempting to delete a palette as this operation cannot be undone.


Closes the Palette Operations dialog box.