Export to Flash Movie Dialog Box

The Export to Flash Movie dialog box lets you export your animation as a Flash (.swf) movie.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see Exporting SWF Movies.

Parameter Description


Lets you specify the location in which the file will be exported.

Export Range


Exports all the frames of your movie.


Export a frame range which you specify


Frame Rate

Lets you enter a Frame rate (fps). By default, it will be set to match the fps of your Harmony project. If you choose a lower frame rate, your export playback will be faster than your actual project. The reverse is also true for a higher frame rate.

Jpeg Quality

Lets you select a JPEG quality:

100 = Full quality
50 = Average quality at about 1/5th of the size.
25 = Medium quality where loss of high image resolution starts to occur.
10 = Low quality where “macro-blocking” or large pixelation become obvious.
1 = Lowest quality where there is extreme loss of colour and detail and the image becomes nearly unrecognizable.

Protect from Import

Prevents the movie from being imported into another application.

Convert Pencil Lines to Brush Lines

Retains the thickness of pencil lines.

Compress Movie

Compresses the movie for a lighter format. The movie may lose some quality, but the file will be lighter.

Do Not Export

Lets you select the effects you do NOT want to be rendered in the SWF movie.

NOTE: Certain Harmony effects are not listed in this section as they are not compatible and therefore not available for SWF export. These effects will not appear in the SWF render.