Advanced Preferences

Parameter Description
Advanced Options

Support Overlay and Underlay Arts: When enabled, options to manipulate overlay and underlay arts are available.

Advanced Palette Lists: Lets you switch your palette list to Advanced Palette Lists mode for creating and storing palettes in the Scene or Element Palette List.

Restore Current Selected Drawing on Undo: If a drawing other than the current one is being affected by an Undo command, the affected drawing is displayed.

Advanced Element Mode: Displays more options in the Add Column dialog box and the Column Properties dialog box.

Auto-rename Elements: Controls whether to rename the element whenever the corresponding node name in the Node view or layer name in the Timeline view is changed.

Support CMYK in PDF/Illustrator Import: Lets you import .pdf and .ai files that were created or exported in CMYK mode. The colours of the resulting imported image may still not look 100% faithful to its CMYK original due to the RGB conversion. It is recommended that you convert these files to RGB images before importing them into Toon Boom Harmony. Disabling this option will cause all the colours of the imported image to be displayed as red to indicate that the file was not converted to RBG before import.

PDF/Illustrator Import as Separate Layers: Imports the different groups/elements of the .pdf or .ai file as separate layers. For Illustrator files, the import will use the top level group as separate layer names. Deselect this option to import pdf or .ai files as a single layer.

Experimental Drawing Versioning Mode: When this option is selected, any drawing modifications you make are specific to the scene version in which you make them.

Element Node "Animate Using Animation Tools" Default Value: If you know that you prefer to work in the style of version 7.3 or earlier, or if you intend to substitute many drawings throughout your animation, you might wish to deselect this option. This way, you won't have to do it every time (through the Layer Properties) for each new drawing layer that you create.

Enable Logging of IO Operations: Allows Harmony to track the creation and removal of files.

Tablet Support

Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support (Requires Relaunch): If you are using a tablet other than Wacom, deselect this option (and relaunch) if you are having issues with offset or pressure sensitivity.


Allow Unicode Names: Lets you use up to 120 ASCII characters for names of environments, jobs and scenes. This means you can use characters for languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, and others, characters for names in your database setup.